The Jungle Book Movie Review

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With the recent release of several blockbusters this year, I attended a viewing of the remade film The Jungle Book, starring Neel Sethi. This film scored a spectacular 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, a site that usually gives very critical reviews. Because it is primarily a movie for younger audiences, and because of my dislike for Disney’s version of The Jungle Book, I was apprehensive about how the film would appeal to me. Despite these earlier worries, The Jungle Book easily surpassed my expectations and that of the packed audience beside me.

The Jungle Book is a heartwarming story of an amazing boy, Mowgli, raised by animals in the jungle. He battles the fierce tiger Shere Khan, who wants him dead. While this movie does not stray far from the Disney film, it introduces other aspects of Mowgli’s story, such as Shere Khan’s motives and the boy’s clever way of battling the tiger. While the film touches on some scary aspects, such as the killing of Akhela, Mowgli’s adopted wolf father, the director does not forget that his audience is children.

The acting was incredible, as were the graphics. Every animated character had texture, realistic features, and a lifelike personality. Scenery complemented the moods of the film; it was obvious that much work and thought had been put into writing and producing this movie. It successfully captured the audience’s emotions and empathy: whenever the evil Shere Khan appeared in the screen, he was booed; after the movie ended with Mowgli’s victory, applause rang throughout the theater.

The Jungle Book is a spectacular film that is suitable for all ages: children, teens, and adults alike. Because of its huge success, a sequel is anticipated.

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Review by Joyce Shea

Photos: Disney Studios