ClickPA’s Palo Alto Scavenger Hunt

General Guidelines:

  1. Please do not share the answers to the riddles with others. Not only does it ruin the fun, but you are also creating more competition — other people will know and enter, lowering your chances of being drawn.
  2. Take a picture that includes you AND provides sufficient proof that you have found the object. If your picture lacks either aspect, your entry for that picture will be disqualified.
  3. Late entries will not be accepted. So please don’t wait until the last minute to submit your entry.
  4. Use common sense. Be safe and don’t do dumb things


  • This is a scavenger hunt centered around Palo Alto and Stanford. So don’t go looking in Mountain View or Los Altos for the object.
  • Grab a bike. These locations are spread evenly about Palo Alto and are located a fair distance away from each other.
  • Don’t spend all your time inspecting one geographic area.
  • Some riddles are more straightforward than others. For the harder riddles, remember to think outside the box.
  • Some of the riddles can point to multiple locations (e.g. there are multiple locations that match the criteria of the riddle). Every location that matches the riddle will earn one raffle ticket, up to a maximum of 3. Multiple-location riddles will have an asterisk (*) next to it.
  • Have fun. That’s the point.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at



Tall do I stand yet have no support,

Light I cast upon the darker of hours,

To aid those who are currently in transport,

For me to help, I need an ample amount of power.

I have been tagged with number 323,

So come find me, on West Bayshore Road, in an area full of trees.


My contents are free, that’s what they say,

True, but the stuff will be to your dismay,

Individuals purposefully leave the contents there, as they said nay,

To the things that they hope someone might think is OK.

So come along, riffle through the pages,

Which you will find in many wooden cages. *


Baylands, oh Baylands, what a place you are,

Full of birds and wildlife, not many cars,

Within the nature you will find,

A special sculpture, one of a kind,

Its bike welded out of bright blue bars,

And from 101, it’s not very far.


Five is the ones digit of the year I was built,

To accommodate the need for more office space.

Five is the ones digit of the floors I have,

University Avenue is where you will find me.


Watch your step, you might step in,

Through the crevices, formed by metal bars of tin,

Bars that were made to prevent spotted beasts,

From impeding the trail, at the very least,

Off in the distance, a massive dish stands,

So come and find the grates somewhere in Stanford-land.