Dohatsuten Review

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There are many brands of ramen today, all of them cheap and easy to make. However, after seeing Dohatsuten, a small Japanese restaurant near my house, I decided to see if ramen cooked by professional chefs tasted better. Yelp reviews gave the ramen a great rating, and my expectations were raised even more.

I was initially surprised at the number of people eating there – the tables inside and outside of the restaurant were filled. I sat at the bar and quickly ordered their Taro Pork Ramen, a seemingly delicious concoction of braised pork belly, egg, seaweed, onions, and ramen.



I waited for more than half an hour for the ramen to come, which was longer than I had expected. The appearance was decidedly less appetizing than the picture advertised, and the soup was spicy, despite there being no “spicy” symbol on the menu next to the product. However, it was still delicious, and I especially enjoyed the pork in the ramen.

The ramen was on the expensive side, amounting to about thirteen dollars after tax. I felt that I had not enjoyed the noodles as much as those in other Asian restaurants because of the long wait time and the spiciness in the soup.

Overall rating: 6 out of 10