Best Boba at Sharetea

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There are a plethora of different boba places to choose from in Palo Alto, so we decided to compile some of our recommendations from our favorite boba place: Sharetea. Instead of just ordering regular Pearl Milk Tea, we decided to branch out and try specialty four drinks. Below are our takes on these drinks and what we recommend people should order.

Hawaii Fruit Tea ($4.50)

100% sweetness is too sweet for this tea; we recommend getting around 50% sweetness. The drink is also made inconsistently. Last time Soumya tried the drink, there was no fruit pulp at the bottom of the drink, but this time it contains both the ai yu (fig seed) jelly and the pulp. It would be better to not have the fruit pulp instead. The fruity taste of the tea is already overpowering, and the pulp adds an element of extra texture that is unnecessary. The ai yu jelly was nice, but we couldn’t taste it until we were halfway through the drink. It should be more accessible. Overall, the fruit complements the sweet flavor of the tea. This is a great choice for someone that doesn’t like the taste of tea and prefers something that tastes like a fruit juice.

Rating: Andrew – 3/5, Soumya – 3.5/5

Strawberry Ice Blended With Lychee Jelly and Ice Cream ($5.25)

The ice cream goes well with the blended strawberry ice (it’s not shaved ice — it’s almost like a smoothie, but thicker) and the lychee jelly. All the flavors meld together seamlessly despite seeming very different on the menu. The drink is refreshing and cold while being very filling because of the heavy ice cream and blended strawberry. We recommend this drink for anyone who wants a treat without consuming caffeine. It looks aesthetically pleasing (it looks like a sunset); it’s perfect for an Instagram foodie.  Additionally, the ratio of strawberry ice to ice cream is perfect. The only drawback is that this drink is very expensive.

Rating: Andrew – 5/5, Soumya – 4/5

QQ Happy Family Milk Tea ($4.75)

The QQ Happy Family Milk Tea is perfect for the topping connoisseur.  It contains pudding, pearls, mini pearls, red bean, lychee jelly, and herb jelly. It’s also a great deal because the price is a lot lower than it would be if you were to add all the toppings to a regular drink because it costs 50 cents per topping to add. The base, which is plain pearl milk tea, is simple and serves as a canvas for all the toppings. I recommend this for anyone who likes toppings and is adventurous. This is also a super filling drink.

Andrew – conflicting opinion. I think having all of the toppings is sort of an overload. The milk tea itself tastes really good. When I drink it, I don’t even get all of the toppings in one sip. The drink is very outlandish, and I wouldn’t normally order this. The many toppings don’t taste that great when put together, but the fact that there are multiple textures make the drink really interesting.

Rating: Andrew – 3.5/5, Soumya – 4.5/5

Milk Tea Ice Blended With Pearl ($5.25)

Even though the sweetness level was 50%, the drink tasted a little too sweet. We would recommend ordering the drink one sweetness level below the actual level of sweetness you want. Essentially, it was a milk tea slushy, similar to Strawberry Ice Blended with Lychee Jelly and Ice Cream. However, even though the tea was a typical black tea boba base, the drink tasted a lot richer than normal milk tea; it was almost as if the tea was burnt.

Rating: Andrew – 3/5, Soumya – 3/5

There are tons of great choices at Sharetea and we highly recommend you check them out!